Is your practice ready for its CQC inspection?

July 12,2024

You will never know when your inspection is due to take place until you receive that email or phone call. So you need to be working to a high standard at all times to ensure you are always ready and prepared.
Care Quality Commission or CQC inspectors will use 5 sets of standards to inspect dental practices.

These are:

  • Safe which means that you are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.
  • Effective which means that your care, support and treatment achieves good outcomes, helps you to maintain quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.
  • Caring means that your staff involve and treat you with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Responsive means your services are organised so that they meet your needs.
  • Well-led means that the governance, leadership, management and the organisation make sure it’s providing high-quality care that is based on your individual needs. It also encourages innovation and learning, and it promotes a fair and open culture.

One important point to consider when preparing for a CQC inspection, is to consider moving to digital methods for quality and compliance. Many dental practices, no matter what kind of type of service they provide, still use paper-based methods. Using our DPP system, you can move all of your auditing, risk assessments and incidentsto one central place where it is easy to pull reports for a CQC visit.

How does Dental Professional Portal (DPP) help with dental compliance?

DPP will ensure that you practice is always ready for a CQC inspection. Our user-friendly online application offers peace of mind by providing easy access to regulatory updates and essential documentation, ensuring that you are prepared for any CQC inspection visit.

1) By removing paper-based working

You might need to provide some evidence to the CQC that you record every relevant incident or event that happens in your practice, for example,failure to check a patient’s records and medical history incorrect treatment plans. Or are all of the Dentists and Hygienists records up to date?

Using the DPP system, you can digitise all aspects of compliance such as incident management and auditing as this improves patient safety and makes the lives of your practice staff easier, but it also helps boost your CQC rating.

2) It reduces administration time for your staff!

By moving to digital, this will help you staff save time on administration and spend more time on what they joined the profession for:i.e. caring for patients.

DPP will provide your staff with online training so your staff can get up and running as soon as possible, and will soon see and reap the benefits of going digital.

3) It will help to protect your name and brand!

Nowadays, anyone can access CQC ratings and may use this information whether to register with your practice or not. So it is important that your practice has a good reputation, to both maintain and attract new patients.  Using DPP, our portal will not only help retain your staff as it will make their job so much easier, but it will also improve your CQC rating.

4) Keep on top of your multiple practice data!

If you have several dentist practices, you will recognise that knowing what is going on at each location is imperative.The easiest way to have oversight of your practices is to implement the DPP software which will show you everything you need in one place.

DPP has customisable dashboards which will indicate what the state of each practice is in real-time. So should  you need to check that staff in a particular location are all up to date on their training, or see which improvement plans need implementing at another practice, this can all be done very simply and quickly. DPP will help your staff efficiently manage and track compliance for both single and multiple practices, allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Key Features of DPP:

  • Shares policies and procedures with your staff.
  • Upload bulk compliance documents quickly and easily.
  • Manage practice compliance documents effortlessly.
  • Identify missing or expired information through our report management.
  • Access all policies and procedures based on CQC standards.

At DPP, we strongly believe our portal can support you to achieve the best possible rating for your agency.For further information about how Dental Professional Portal can help get you prepared for your CQC inspection today, sign up for a free trial today! Dental Professional Portal