Return On Investment

ROI Calculator

How do you know if you should invest money on the DPP portal in your dental practice?

Using the ROI Calculator within the DPP portal, your staff simply have to enter the number of practices you own in the top column, followed by the number of dentists,

Hygienists and other staff members you employ and the calculator works out all the relevant information for you,

Showing you how much you will save and benefit by when you integrate this portal into your practice.

DPP Price :

Hourly Rate If a manager salary is £31,000 so hourly rate will be £14.90, it can be vary practice to practice.

Practices Number of practices you have.

Dentists & Hygienists Number of Dentists & Hygienists you have.

Staff Number of Staff you have.

Monthly Cost Monthly cost for 12 months.
Manully Calculate on paper.
Time per user Spending time in hours.
Amount Time per user Amount
Financial 3 1 Hr £44.71 30 Min £22.36
HR 9 30 Min £67.07 10 Min £13.14
Total £111.78 -- £35.77
Yearly Cost
Manully Calculate on paper.
Time per user Spending time in hours.
Amount Time per user Amount
Financial Report End of year income breakdown (Cash, Card and Cheque payment) of practice for each Dentists & Hygienists.
1 40 Hrs £596.15 30 Min £7.45
HR Audit Check all staff information and documents.
9 1 Hr £134.13 10 Min £13.41
Complainces Audit Check practice’s all compliances documents.
1 24 Hrs £357.69 6 Hrs £89.42
Total £1,087.98 -- £110.29
Yearly Cost Yearly cost is fix cost.
£1,341.35 £429.32
Yearly Fix Cost £1,087.98 £110.29
Yearly DPP Cost -- -- £685.58
Total £2,429.33 -- £1,225.10
Saving £1,204.22
Boosting Dental Practice Performance

Boosting Dental Practice Performance

DPP provides a significant return on investment (ROI) by saving time and resources, simplifying complex tasks, and providing valuable insights and data to optimize dental practice performance.

With its comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities, DPP helps identify areas for improvement, increase profitability, and grow the business, resulting in a substantial ROI for the practice.

Calculating and Analysing ROI

For most business people, the task of calculating and analysing return on investment (ROI) is a straightforward but necessary way of business life.

Whether the investment is being made in equipment, a new surgery room or people, the need to understand whether an investment has been worthwhile is one of the first rules of business.

Well, the good news is that with DPP you don’t have to rely on your gut instincts for these important decisions.

Calculating and Analysing ROI