SMARTER Framework Benefit Your Dental Practice

The idea of a SMARTER goals framework is to define meaningful and powerful goals that are clear and are achievable within any means possible. As with any business, an understanding of how your dental practice is performing is necessary when dealing with your challenges and maximising opportunities.

Most owners have ambitions and goals, yet daily pressures can often take priority at that present time. Implementing smarter framework office technology is changing the way we work. Nowadays, we need to perform faster, more efficiently and with higher quality than ever before.

This blog will explain how our DPP system, will help your practice to achieve all of your SMART goals.


Here your goals need to be specific i.e. have the ability to provide your staff with a clear and concise purpose as to where you are going with your objectives.

Depending on your personal Dental Practice situation, the DPP portal could soon make your administration team more efficient than ever! As a Dental professional, your time is valuable. You have patients to see, appointments to schedule, and countless administrative tasks to manage. In order to run your practice efficiently, it is important to have the right tools in place at your disposal and that is where the DPP comes into place.

The Dental Professional Portal is a comprehensive management portal that streamlines your practice into Human Resource, Finance and Compliance operations and minimises errors. Most importantly, it is straightforward and simple to use so much that DPP becomes indispensable to the Surgeries that use it. So if you want to increase your revenue whilst cutting down on expenditure, by moving over to DPP, as it is an environmentally friendly portal this will save your practice a lot of money with a reduction in paper wastage plus your time will be better spent too.


Measurable goals help to quantify your progress and see whether you have actually achieved anything. When you are working out how to measure your goals, it is important to consider your key performance indicators (KPIs).

DPP uses data to look at how well a Dentist and Hygienist are performing. This enables the management team to view this information at the drop of a button. As a result of this, employees will know what is expected of them, as they can see how well they are performing and are able to adjust their workload accordingly to the data. So if you want to increase your income over the next 3 months – you will need to think about how this is achievable?


For this step, you need to set realistic and achievablegoals. However, how feasible will it be for your staff to achieve them in the given timeframe? We like to think that we can achieve big targets, but during the busy working day of a Dental Practice, this isn’t always practical. So make your goals big enough to challengeyourself, but don’t make them unachievable.

As an example, to understand how well your surgery is doing, then you might want to conduct a survey to find out what the patients think about the surgery. Once these surveys are returned back to the practice, then they can be inputted into DPP. You can then access how all the staff and dental practice are doing and look to see how we can improve specific areas moving forward.


During this step, not only should your goals be relevant, but there should be a reason behind it. Even you can work towards improved productivity and efficiency.
Nowadays, repetitive and mundane tasks can be almost completely managed by having smarter framework technological solutions in place, leaving your staff to focus on the most important functions that they are hired to do. Reducing the small and time-consuming tasks that employees need to do in order to get the important tasks going, have great benefits to both the individual employee and the company. DPP will help your staff to better time manage their day.
In additional to this, DPP will help the environment by Implementing a paperless system into your Dental Practice. Dental Practices are trying to do their bit for the environment by striving to be more sustainable in the face of climate change. So they are being encouraged to go paperless and to use more digital tools. DPP will not only offer you a paperless solution but will help your practice increase its overall efficiency too.


This is the last step to your framework. It is important to set deadlines to your goals as it is harder to achieve goals without having this in place. You might want to break these goals down into smaller time-frames so you can monitor your progress along the way.

Clearly, the most plausible benefit of DPP is the amount of time it saves. Our feature-rich and user-friendly portal is designed to revolutionise your practice management, enabling you to streamline various tasks effortlessly.

With DPP Human Resources, you gain full control over your information, update your contact details, manage your multiple practices, and more with just a few clicks. No more tedious paperwork or scattered records.

In addition to saving your time, yourdata will also be verysecure. DPP uses industry-leading security measures to protect the user information and practice data. You can access your portal from any device with an internet connection, so you can manage your practice from anywhere – even whilst you are away on holiday.

To Summarise

In conclusion, Dental Professional Portal is a must-have tool for any dental practise looking to save time and reduce administrative errors. It is the ideal solution for streamlining your practice operations and providing the best possible care to your patients, thanks to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.