SME climate hub committed 2023

March 15,2023

The SME Climate Hub was created as an initiative to help small and medium-sized businesses take robust climate action and join the United Nations Race to Zero. Though any single SME’s climate impact may seem insignificant, the combined effect of investing in the climate journey is quite sizable since SMEs make up 90% of business worldwide.

In 2022, The SME Climate Hub conducted a survey on 194 of their business members across the world to reveal that two-thirds of small businesses were concerned over revolving climate action.The survey found that small businesses are stepping up in the fight against climate change, but due to lack of resources needed, they weren’t able to full invest in their climate journey.

Using Dental Professional Portal’s, advanced online platform, we can help your dental practice to get well on its way to reducing carbon emissions by using our SME Climate Hub Committed 2023 system.

DPP Helps Reduce Paper Waste

Dental Practices are being encouraged to go paperless and use more digital patient management and tools. By becoming a paperless practice, it is a great way of promoting sustainability. In this current time where everything can be digitised, paper seems like an unnecessary waste of resources. In fact, paper wastes account for around one quarter of total waste at landfills. In addition to this, paper production causes deforestation and uses a huge amounts of water and electricity.
DPP will help you become completely paperless by using our financial and HR management processes.

For your practice, DPP can reduce your energy consumption

During this current climate, using unnecessary energy is something that Dental Practices want to avoid doing. By removing scanning, manual data entry and printing from your employees workflow are just a few ways that DPP can help make your practice more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

These are just a few ways where DPP can help your surgery reduce its carbon emissions. Find out more how DPP can help benefit your Dental Practice by taking advantage of our FREE 30 DAY trial.