Enhance Efficiency and Security with the DPP Attendance System

DPP attendance system streamlines the process of marking and managing staff attendance, improves data accuracy, and enhances security with the inclusion of trusted IP addresses.

It provides a robust solution for organizations to effectively monitor and maintain attendance records, leading to improved workforce management and operational efficiency.

How Staff mark their Attendance?

The process of how staff members mark their attendance is simple and efficient. After logging into the system, they can easily access the attendance feature by clicking on “Attendance” from the main menu. Once inside the attendance section, they are presented with the option to “Mark Attendance.”

Before proceeding, staff members are advised to verify the branch name displayed at the top of the page. If, for any reason, the displayed branch is incorrect, they can swiftly change it from the dashboard to ensure accurate attendance tracking.

DPP Practice Mark Attendance On Which Show Payment Summary Chart
Mark Your Attendence
Next, they select the appropriate attendance type from the options available at the top of the page, which may include choices like “Normal,” “Over time,” “Emergency 1,” or  “Emergency 2”.
Finally, to complete the process, the staff member simply clicks on the “Checkin” or “Checkout” button, depending on the nature of their attendance, thus recording their presence for the day.

This straightforward procedure helps streamline attendance management and ensures that accurate records are maintained for organizational purposes.

User Attendence by Practice Manager

How Practice Manager And Practice Admin Mark/ Modify Staff Attendance?

The Practice Manager and Practice Admin have the authority to mark and modify staff attendance effortlessly through the following steps:
First, they need to access the attendance section by clicking on “Attendance” from the main menu.
Once inside the attendance section, they should select “User Attendance” to manage individual staff attendance records.

To find attendance records for a specific practice, month, and year, they can use the dropdown menus to select the desired options. Afterward, they can click on the “Search” button to fetch the relevant data.
In the displayed month calendar, they can navigate to the specific day for which they wish to mark or modify attendance.

In the displayed month calendar, they can navigate to the specific day for which they wish to mark or modify attendance.

For each staff member, they can enter the appropriate “Checkin” and “Checkout” times, reflecting their attendance accurately.

After updating the attendance details, they should check the “Update” checkbox against each user at the end of the row. This action confirms and saves the attendance changes for the selected users.

In the case of a staff member being on holiday, they can easily mark the “Holiday” checkbox for that user, indicating their absence due to a holiday.

Attendence Management By Profile
By following these straightforward steps, the Practice Manager and Practice Admin can efficiently manage staff attendance, ensuring accurate records are maintained and any modifications needed are promptly handled.
This streamlined process contributes to effective attendance management within the organization.
Attendence Check-in by admin

How to set Company’s Default Working Hours by Practice Admin

How to set Company’s Default Working Hours by Practice Admin

Start by clicking on "Settings" from the Main Menu to access the settings section.


In the settings section, locate and click on "Company Profile."


Within the Company Profile settings, there should be an "Attendance Configurations" section.


In the Attendence Configurations, the Practice Admin can define the default Checkin and Checkout timings for each practice. This means specifying the time when employees are expected to start and end their workday for each practice.


Additionally, the Practice Admin should also set the duration of the defined Break Time for each practice. This duration represents the time period allocated for employee breaks during their working hours.


Once the Attendence timings are defined for all the practices, the Practice Admin should click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

Working hours by practice admin

How to add trusted IP Address to mark Attendance by staff?

To add a trusted IP address for staff attendance, you can follow these steps:

Practice Admin first login the dashboard and then go to "Settings" to access the setting section.


In the settings section, find and click on "Add Trusted IP."


Select the appropriate "Branch" from the dropdown menu. This indicates which branch the trusted IP address is associated with.


The "IP Address" field should automatically be filled with your current IP address. If you want to add a different IP address manually, you can do so in this field.


Add any relevant notes or information in the "Desc" (Description) field. This could be used to provide additional context or details about the trusted IP address.


After filling in the necessary information, click on the "Save" button to add the IP address to the trusted IP list.

Trusted IP

There are specific timeframes defined for "Emergency Attendance 1" and "Emergency Attendance 2." These likely indicate the time periods during which the trusted IP addresses may be used for marking attendance during emergency situations or special events.