Features of DPP

Dental Professional Portal (DPP) is an online application that has been tailored specifically for Dental Practices.

The Portal is completely online, making it accessible from wherever 24/7.


Below summarises the DPP application functionality which your Dental practice will be able to utilise:

Take a demo of the DPP Application today and see how easy to use and work for your practice.

  • Manage multi practices from one account
  • One dentist can access multi practices from wherever he works
  • Reports for Managers 
  • Reports for Accountant 
  • Support: Generate Ticket, Live Chat on the phone

DPP has been simplistically created for any sized Dental Practice (whether you own Single or Multiple surgeries) so even those staff members that have no accounting knowledge, will be able to use the application.

Take a demo of the DPP Application today and see how easy it works for your practice. You can also register with DPP for One Month Free Trial with unlimited access.

Return on Investment (ROI) can be seen to realize how much DPP can be beneficial as compared to old manual system.

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DPP Financial Solution:

Dental Professional Portal (DPP) Financial, is a state of the art application solution for dental practices which calculates the monthly earnings for every dentist and hygienist in the practice.

Within this section, then practice can manage the following:

  • NHS Contracts
  • Dental Lab Bills
  • Deductions
  • Payment Adjustments
  • Earning Reports

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DPP Human Resource:

Within this section, Dental professionals can update their professional information on the online portal. They can also share this information with multi practices as well as being able to access their monthly and annual earning statements at any time.

Should any information about the dentist be missing or due to expire, can be viewed on Report modules that remind dentist to update their portfolio.

Dental professionals can manage the following information:

  • Professional profile
  • Staff Management
  • CPD Record
  • DBS Record
  • Upload Documents
  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Portal Accessible 24/7

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DPP Compliances

Using DPP means that your practice is always CQC inspection ready. With instant and easy access to all required documentation and prompt regulatory updates, our online application gives you peace of mind ahead of any visit from a CQC inspector.

With our platform, you’ll deal with compliance challenges without any hassle. We are always ready to help and improve our system as per your requirements.

Truly scalable online application. Manage and monitor between single and multi practices so as your business grows, DPP will help you to achieve your targets efficiently.

DPP support team is always ready to provide you with full support for any queries.

Key Features


DPP support team is always ready to provide you with full support for all types of Inspection success

Compliance Sharing


You can share all Policies and Procedures with all your team members.


You can save your documents and information on the DPP with the support you need.


With an online system, you can manage and access your practice’s compliance from everywhere.

Compliance Management


You can manage Practice Compliance by uploading all documents and managing them online.


Notification for missing and expiry documents notification can be viewed in the Report module of DPP.

A new category can be added to customer feedback.

Finding the perfect application for your Dental business can be a hard decision to make. An application that works for one Dental Practice might not be suitable for another. Time needs to be spent finding the right application package that is designed for your needs.

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Business is all about inputting your financial information into your system accurately. Verification of data and attention to detail are essential so that the processed information is correct. The information which is incorrectly inputted into your system can mean you are open for income investigation, inaccurate accounts receivable, incorrect case structure planning, or off-base spending plan and cost figures.

These errors will eventually find their way into the Statement which can bring about negative results for the Dental Practice.

It is very important that you have an adequate accounting system in your dental practice to help you become a successful business owner and DPP will help you with this utilizing its efficient system.

DPP identified that the Practice Managers and their office staff have to spend the most amount of time calculating the dentists’ monthly earnings. 

The DPP Financial Reporting application section, helps the practice staff pull all the relevant information together to give an accurate snapshot of the financials, thereby helping management to get the best results and make fully informed decisions.

DPP also identified that from an HR perspective, developing a portfolio for each staff member which they could manage themselves, such as uploading medical information and certificates into the system, would free up the office staff to do more important jobs instead.

DPP provided this platform to allow the dentist to maintain their portfolio and have access to it all year round. The Dental Staff can create their profile, upload their certificates and allow their profile to be shared with different Dental Surgeries.

Its application will allow surgeries to achieve all of their day-to-day tasks promptly and efficiently.