Dental Professional Portal (DPP) is an online application that has been tailored specifically for Dental Practices.

The Portal is completely online, making it accessible from anywhere, all year round.

Quicker, Easier and Accurate Dental Practice Management Portal


Below summarises the DPP application functionality, which your Dental practice will be utilising:

  • Manage multi practices from one account
  • One dentist can access multi practices from wherever he works
  • Reports for Managers
  • Reports for Accountants
  • Support: Generate Ticket, Live Chat on the phone
DPP Functionality
DPP has been simplistically created for any sized Dental Practice (whether you own Single or Multiple surgeries), so even those staff members that have no accounting knowledge, will be able to use this application.

Take a demo of the DPP Application today and see how easy it will be to integrate it into your dental practice. You can also register with DPP for One Month Free Trial with unlimited access.

ROI Calculator with DPP

Using return on Investment (ROI), you will soon realise how beneficial DPP can be compared to an older manual system.

For further Assistance

DPP Financial Solution For Dental Practice

Financial Solution:

Dental Professional Portal (DPP) Financial, is a state-of-the-art application solution for dental practices which calculates the monthly earnings for every Dentist and Hygienist in the practice.
Within this section, the practice can manage the following:

  • Dentists Session
  • Hygienists Session
  • Staffs Session
  • Delete Session
  • Approved Payment
  • Users Rate
  • Financial Reports like Dentists Earning, Staff Earning, Private Breakdown, Total Private and DCP Monthly Pay

Human Resources:

Within the Human Resources page, Dental professionals can update their professional information on the online portal. They can also share this information with the other sites, (if part of a multi practice), as well as being able to access their monthly and annual earnings statements at any time.

Should any information about the dentist be missing or due to expire, then an email reminder is generated on DPP to allow them to update their portfolio.

DPP HR-Dashboard For Uk Dental Practice
Dental professionals can manage the following information:

  • View Users
  • Users Documents
  • Manage User Role
  • Manage Role Templates

Compliance Management:

Using DPP means that your practice is always CQC inspection ready. With instant and easy access to all required documentation and prompt regulatory updates, our online application gives you complete peace of mind ahead of any visit from a CQC inspector.

As your business grows, DPP will help your staff to manage and monitor between single and multi-practices, which will help you to achieve your targets efficiently.


Manage Practice Compliances Documents


Check missing or expired Documents List


Share all Policies and Procedures with your team members


Access all Policies and Procedures according to CQC Standard


Upload bulk Compliance Documents

Compliance Management For Dental Practice
Couple reviewing finances (calculator)

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