Do you know how well your Dental Practice is performing?

July 12,2024

Having an understanding of how well you track dental practice performing, It is important when dealing with everyday challenges and wanting to capitalise on opportunities. Most practice owners have long-term goals and ambitions, however, It can be all too easy to get caught up in the daily activities when running a fast-paced business, leaving you little time to focus on these plans.

Any dental practice owner can relate to that. However, there are ways to keep on top of these obstacles and even grow the business. By having full knowledge of the restrictions and transparency of the inner workings of the business is the key foundation to its success. This can all be done by setting ‘Key Performance Indicators’ which are both measurable and meaningful.

In doing so, you can keep on top of how well your business is performing and help it to grow more successfully.

Typical KPIs for a dental practice will help in achieving:

• Reduced costs
• Increased efficiency

Having the right tools in place, can help dentists gain sight of practice performance and plan a successful future for the entire business and the people within it. This is where the Dental Professional Portal (DPP) will fit in and become an essential piece of software for the surgery.

Dental Professional Portal (DPP) has been designed in collaboration with dentists and can help you to run your practice more smoothly. It is a completely online application that has been designed specifically for Dental Practices, making it accessible from wherever you are, all year round. It allows you to work from any location, streamline your practice and free up your valuable time, giving you more flexibility to do other more important jobs.

The Dental Professional Portal is divided up into 3 parts:

DPP Financial Solution comes with a state-of-the-art Financial application. It calculates the monthly earnings for every dentist and hygienist in the practice saving your Practice Manager time and money.

DPP Human Resources allows Dental professionals to update their professional information on the online portal. They can share this information with multiple practices and access their monthly and annual earnings statements at any time.

DPP Compliances mean that your practice is always CQC inspection-ready. With instant and easy access to all required documentation and prompt regulatory updates, our online application will give you peace of mind ahead of any CQC visit.

By working in partnership with DPP, practice owners can better understand what they need to reach their growth goals.
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