Unlock HR Efficiency With Dental Professional Portal

Dental Practices are often reluctant to abandon their current HR system, particularly if they have invested heavily in their HR technology over the years. But this may mean that as much as 82% of the staff’s day are still using manual, paper-based processes for HR tasks.  The Management Team may also think that moving to a newer system may be seen as time-consuming, too expensive and stressful.  

The Dental Professional Portal (DPP) is a tool designed specifically for dental practices. It will help your staff to save time and give you valuable insights to boost your dental practice. Its advanced reports and back-office management tools highlight growth opportunities and ways to increase profitability.

Within DPP, there is a Human Resources section that helps provide your dental staff with a comprehensive online digital platform that allows your HR staff to create, customize, and manage HR-related processes and tasks. DPP’s Human Resources section uses pre-built components and visual interfaces to simplify the development of HR solutions. So DPP can improve everything from the administrator to the staff’s experience.

Below are a few reasons why you should move over to DPP’s system:

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

The average HR administrator can spend up to 5 hours per day doing unnecessary administration due to working on old tiresome systems which generates unnecessary administrative tasks, wasting hours that your staff could be spending on far more valuable work. This can also lead to a higher likelihood of error or compliance issues.  By using DPP’s HR system, it will help to cut back significantly on administrative tasks.

  • Improved HR Efficiency & Strategy

Running multiple finance and HR systems can make it much harder to run your weekly and monthly reports to analyze your Dental Practices’ finances. Since your practice admin will need to keep on top of where the money is being spent as well as monitor the impact of the number of hours your staff work, this will all affect the payroll outcomes. By using DPP’s integrated HR and finance portal, you can empower your staff to have easy-to-access data, thereby keeping on top of your overhead costs and finances. 

  • Addressing and Identifying Key Business Challenges

Combining your payroll and HR services will ensure that you can identify and address company-level issues. By giving your management staff access to your employee data, you can easily identify any concerns, such as pay inequality, that could undermine your company’s ethos. This will enable you to improve inclusivity and diversity in your Dental Practice as well as help your employee retention.  Using DPP’s fully integrated HR system will help your staff to keep on top of this.


So integrating a solution like the Dental Professional Portal will allow you to bring all of your HR tasks into one place. Since your admin staff deserves a system that will make their life so much easier, DPP will offer them a one-stop-shop for all your HR and Financial requirements.  So help to create the workforce experience your employees have been waiting for and go online today for a free month’s trial. Dental Professional Portal