DPP Financial Solution

This financial module contains financial management activities for all dental professionals and other staff users.

The financial plan is designed with group actions, and the user’s rate payment function is also configured here.

a. Dentist Group Session

The Dentist Group Session modules deals with scheduling payments for the dentists as a group in particular practice. The details like practice name, category, month and year of payments are selected to make the schedule.

In addition to advance planning, the previous payments history are viewed based on the selection of criteria’s in the filter section.

Dentist Group Session
Hygienist Group Session

b. Hygienist Group Session

The Hygienist group session is used to setup the payments in advance with practice, category, the month and the year search criteria. The payment mode is also be decided with either of cash, card or cheque payments.

c. Staff Group Session

The Staff Group session is also created to structure the payment of each staff’s working with particular practice. The payment details will covers number of hours/week, holidays and the bonus details.

The history of the payments are also viewed with this sections using the search filter options with month and the year.

Staff Group Session
Delete Group Session

d. Delete Group Session

Delete Group Session facilitates the company admin, to cancel/delete the Dentist’s, Hygienist’s or Staff’s scheduled payment for the month.

The user types can be selected in the filter options and required action is done. If the whole payment for all users in a month can also be achieved with Delete All functionality.

e. Dentist/Hygienist Payment

This module helps the company admin to have a control on different sections of the payments for Dentist/Hygienist.

The payment date and reference number can be added against each dental professionals and the banks can also be selected based on the need.

Dentist/Hygienist Payment
Users Rate

f. Users Rate

The company admin have the privilege to amend the users rate based on the change in the package or role. According to the users role, either Individual users or group users  rate can be modified.

The filter helps to search by the practice name, the user role and the user name. The category and rate is changed based on the user role.