Financial Solution

DPP – Financial Solutions

The Financial Pages contains financial management activities for all dental professionals and other staff users.

The financial plan is designed with group actions and the user rate payment function is also configured here.

Dentists Session

Dentist Sessions makes it easy for practice managers to schedule group dentist payments in each of their practices in one simple portal.

Payment categories as well as payment month and year are customised based on management requirements. Previous payment history can also be checked during the same session.


Hygienists Session

The Hygienist Session is the page that helps Practice Managers’ to schedule the payment to the Hygienist with customised category. The Payment schedule can be enhanced further with either cash, card or cheque payments. The payment history can be checked with the option provided on the same page.

Staffs Session

In the Staff session, the payment of dental staff can be scheduled according to the practice in which they work. The payment schedule will be based on the number of hours worked/week, the number of days taken off and bonus details.

Payment history can also be checked in this section using the search filter options by month and year.


Delete Sessions

The Delete session page helps the practice to delete their group session created with a Dentist, Hygienist or other staff member. Scheduled monthly payments can be deleted either by groups or individuals.

Options are provided for the practice as needed. If a specific monthly payment needs to be deleted for all group sessions, this can be done with the ‘Delete All’ option.

Approved Payment

The Approved Payment Page helps the Practice to have a control on different sections of the payments for the Dentist/Hygienist.

The payment date and reference number can be added against each dental professionals and the banks can also be selected, based on the requirement.


Users Rates

The Practice will have the privileges to change the User’s hourly rate based on the change in their package or within their role. According to the user’s role, either Individual users or group users hourly rate can be changed.

This page helps the Practices with easy modification to their Dental Professional and Staff’s payments without any delay in the update.


Dentists Earning

Dentists Earning mainly deals with earning reports for all Dentists and Hygienists in the dental practice. The individual report for the Dentist/Hygienist is generated, which includes the NHS and Private income along with any deduction details.

This is a monthly report which can be viewed anytime and sent to the dental professional to get confirmation on their earnings for the month.


Staff Earnings

The Staff Earnings is the monthly report for all staff except Dentists/Hygienists. This report gives the details of their branch, annual wages, holiday details with their primary work location along with working hours and rates.

In Addition to the normal working hours, it also includes overtime 1 and overtime 2 rates and income details.

Private Breakdown

Private Breakdown are specific to their private earnings for specific months. It is the group of Dentist/Hygienist private earnings information for dental practices.

The overall earnings for the particular start and end month are found in the search options available in the private earning report.


Total Private

Total Private is the summary of monthly earnings in practice by all Dentists/Hygienists. The report gives a detailed view of how much the private dental practices have earned in a month or customised months.

The total earnings shown can also include a selection of from and to month or year-end.

DCP Monthly Pay

The DCP Monthly Pay is the monthly wage’s information of each staff member, working for different practices. The total earnings made by the company along with each practice details are also shown in the report.

This shows the earnings of each branch including the complete employee’s earnings.